Trevor Jennings studied at the Royal College of Art and ran a studio in London before returning to live and work in Devon. His metal sculptures feature the use of copper, brass, and steel, often incorporating glass, gold leaf and patination. The sculptural objects are often made using silversmithing techniques creating raised hollow forms chemically patinated, with additions of gold leaf and coloured waxes. Wallpieces are generally fabricated mixed metal works again finished using the above techniques. He has exhibited widely both domestically and internationally and has been commissioned by P & O, Royal Caribbean, Sumitomo and the Government of Mali amongst others.

Jennings most recent large scale works have been created from recycled steel, primarily discarded oil tanks found locally. Using the rusted and degenerated tanks Jennings has cut, formed and fabricated a series of large metal ‘canvases’. These metalworks formed the focal point of his recent solo show ‘Recurrent Themes’ which featured the following statement.

‘Forms haunt, dominate and have a ‘need’ to be made material. They obsess and there is a compulsion to create them. The Show has an underlying concern with the ritual use of object and place and it is this empowerment of object that is a principle interest within my work’.


telephone: 01805 938205